Planting sweet peppers in a greenhouse or open field

Bell peppers belong to the nightshade family. It is not difficult to grow sweet peppers on the site, it is enough to create certain temperature conditions, ensure sufficient humidity and timely watering.
Typically, sweet pepper seeds are sown from early February to mid-March. Planting time is determined by many factors:

  • variety of pepper,
  • the place of residence of the seeder,
  • the presence of a greenhouse or greenhouse.

As with most nightshade crops, sweet peppers are planted in seedlings. The seeds will grow for 50 to 55 days if the seedlings are in good conditions. The plant, ready for planting, has 6 - 12 leaves, reaches a height of 20 - 35 cm, flower buds are in the stage of formation.

Sweet pepper planting algorithm

  1. Prepare a light, structured, well-drained soil that has organic matter in the form of humus, but not manure supersaturated with nitrogen.
  2. Plant pepper plants at a distance of 30 - 40 cm from each other, the distance between the lines is half a meter. Do not bury the seedlings when planting. Density of planting plants in the greenhouse 3 - 5 pcs. / Sq. M, in the open field 5 - 8 pcs. / Sq. M.
  3. Planting sweet peppers ends with watering the plants.

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