Garter cucumbers in an open area

Garter cucumber carried out in order to save space on the site, prevent some diseases arising from contact of fruits with the soil, and to facilitate harvesting.

Cucumbers need to be tied up when the plant has already three to four leaves and has reached a height of 10 cm. In this case, special care must be taken during the garter, since the cucumber stalks are very fragile and easily break.

Horizontal garter is carried out as follows: from both sides of the area with cucumbers, one strong stake is driven in. a height of about two meters (it is better to use metal ones). Between them, you need to pull horizontally moderately thick ropes.

The main disadvantage of using a horizontal dressing is that cucumbers may not grow up, but on the sides.

For equipment vertical garter also use two pillars up to two meters high. A vertical support is attached to them from above. It is to it that each plant is tied. Ragged ropes are tied around the plant between the first and second, or the second and third leaves and tied to a horizontal support. It is not necessary to pull the cord too much so as not to harm the plant, it is better to tie it in such a way that later it will be possible without problems pull harder. Before that, gently wrap the rope several times around the cucumber along its entire length.

  • In greenhouses, cucumbers are usually allowed up a vertical trellis.

Garter cucumbers are optional when growing this crop. The plant can simply be put on the ground.

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