Elsanta strawberries. Features of cultivation

Many gardeners are happy to grow various berry crops not only on their plots. The winter season for some fans opens with a forcing, intensive variety obtained by breeders of Holland - Elsanta strawberry.

Of course, they begin to grow it in the winter, not in the open field. To begin with, they are planted in small boxes with loose fertile soil, which are placed on a well-insulated balcony. Naturally, necessary additional lightingthat can be given to plants, including fluorescent lamps. Pollinating flowers is not difficult, you can use a regular squirrel brush. Each plant produces an average of 15 berries. After harvesting, the boxes can be placed in the basement of the country house until spring, and with the onset of heat, the plants can be planted in the ground.

The berries of this strawberry variety are very dense, bright red in color. The fruit is different high taste - very juicy and sweet. In addition, Elsanta strawberries have good keeping quality and transportability. Bushes with many peduncles grow medium in size. It is very important that this strawberry variety produces few whiskers, which in other varieties must be constantly monitored. Not only is the variety very productive, the berries ripen quite amicably.

Elsanta strawberries are mainly suitable for cultivation under cover, as they give a very early harvest - in the second or third decade of May. Has a high resistance to disease, drought, but average winter hardiness.

The disadvantages of this variety are its susceptibility to powdery mildew, strawberry mites and root rot.

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