Growing cucumbers at home

Growing cucumbers at home lately it has been very popular, because cucumber is a very popular vegetable that many people love.

Growing cucumbers at home is actually not difficult, because you can grow not even balconies and loggias. You can sow seeds until February 1, then the fruits will appear in late March or early April. In order for very good cucumbers to grow at home, it is worth choosing certain varieties and hybrids of cucumbers. For growing at home, the varieties Claudia, Masha, Bianca and others are suitable. These hybrids are self-pollinating, they have a female flowering type. These varieties are distinguished by their good yields and tall stature. The fruits of these hybrids have excellent taste, their size can reach 15-25 cm.

Important for cucumbers certain microclimate. He does not tolerate drafts, so wherever he grows, the wind should not blow there. It is desirable to provide cucumbers with high illumination.

To grow a cucumber at home it is worth using special soil or nutrient medium. Usually soil is used, which is more accessible. For these purposes, a fruit and vegetable mixture, which can be purchased in stores, is ideal. The soil for cucumbers should always be loose. Seedlings are grown in pots with a diameter of at least 10 cm.

Cucumbers can be grown using seedlings, or seeds can be sown directly into the main container.

It is important in the room where the plant is grown to always keep it clean. It is necessary to remove diseased and dry leaves from the plant in a timely manner. Watering must be done carefully so as not to flood the plant. It is important not to allow the fruits to overripe, so they must be removed on time.

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