Perennial bow

Onions are considered a very valuable vegetable crop. Perennial onions are especially appreciated thanks to early ripening and herbs that contain a huge amount of vitamins.

In addition, perennial onions are more resistant to cold weather and various diseases, therefore, they are well preserved in the ground until the end of the autumn season. Usually perennial onion grown on one site for no more than 5 years.

Despite the fact that the bow is very loves moisture, do not leave stagnant water on the surface of the soil, otherwise it can lead to the death of the plant.

There are several types of perennial onions, such as chives, slime onions, sweet onions, tiered onions, batun onions and many others.

Chives differs in very thin tubular leaves of dark green color and very delicate taste. Typically, these perennial onions do not form a bulb. Its bulb has an oblong ovoid shape, about the third year it forms a good bush, the number of branches of which can reach one hundred pieces. Ripening terms shnitta are about 20-25 days.

Slime onion refers to salad varieties of onions. Light green, fleshy leaves are characterized by a mild flavor. Compared to chives, this species ripens earlier and is suitable for consumption during the entire growing season. With regular watering and feeding, a very rich harvest can be reaped. Slime onions are especially useful for people suffering from anemia, because contains a lot of iron.

Growing perennial onions does not require a lot of effort. Enough abundant watering and fertile soil.

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