Blackberry in the photo

Blackberries are considered a wild berry. It was first domesticated in North America... Due to its medicinal properties and excellent taste, many summer residents grow it on their plots.

The blackberries in the photo are similar in appearance to raspberries. The plant belongs to family Pink and is a low shrub with flexible prickly stems.

Ripe blackberry in the photo is black. And in the process of ripening, the blackberry is first green, then brown, and only from red-brown turns into black.

Thanks to the fruitful work of breeders, today there are about two hundred species blackberries. At the same time, red, yellow and purple fruits were bred.

Growing blackberries is similar to growing raspberries, so it will not be difficult for any summer resident. Blackberry cuttings are best planted in spring, while fertilizing the soil organic fertilizers... During the period of active growth of blackberries, it is recommended abundant watering.

It is best to plant the plant along a fence, preferably on a wire trellis in one row, keeping the distance between the bushes of about one meter.

As the blackberry grows, it is recommended to tie the stems with fruits to the upper wire, and new shoots to the lower wire.

In the first year growing blackberries needs more careful care... Shrubs should be regularly water, remove weeds, and loosen the soil.

Blackberries are not considered a frost-resistant plant, therefore, in winter, it is recommended to bend its branches to the ground and sprinkle with snow.

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