Planting cauliflower: tips and tricks for gardeners

Cauliflower differs in sufficient unpretentiousness in care... The plot on which the vegetable will be grown must be prepared in the fall by adding a sufficient amount of compost or humus, as well as urea, potassium chloride and superphosphate to the soil. Moreover, in the spring, just before the planting cauliflower, the soil must be fertilized again, also using the above-mentioned mineral and organic fertilizers.

A high-quality, dense cauliflower head should consist of of at least twenty well-developed, large leaves... However, in order to grow them, the vegetable will need not only fertile, but also moist and loose soil. Therefore, regular watering and subsequent loosening of the soil is an integral part of caring for this crop.

It is equally important to carry out spraying that is capable of reduce the temperature around the leaves and increase the air humidity and is especially necessary for the plant in hot daytime hours. The optimum temperature for good growth and development of cauliflower and the formation of large, dense heads is 16-18 degrees. Moreover, if the thermometer exceeds the mark of 25 degrees, small leaves will form in the vegetable, its heads will become fleecy and leaves can germinate in them. Accordingly, in order to prevent this, a bed of cabbage is necessary water regularly, and spray the plants themselves.

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