How to plant pepper in a summer cottage

Pepper rich in vitamins and nutrients, therefore, it can often be found in the garden even among novice summer residents. Pepper is one of those plants that require good care to get a full harvest. How to plant peppers correctly can be read in special manuals or on the Internet. Usually use fifty day old seedlingsas it has a thick stem and good root system. If there is no heated greenhouse, then the seedlings are planted in the ground in early May.

If you plant seedlings in the evening, then the plants will have time to adapt to the effects of the sun. When planting a plant, you need take into account the distances between them and between the rows... Typically, seedlings are planted at a distance of forty centimeters between individual plants. And the row spacing is about sixty centimeters. The soil must be fertile. Before planting, it is well dug up and enriched with fertilizers. Pepper requires a lot of nutrients, so you need to thoroughly fertilize the soil.

High pegs should be prepared in advance, to which in the future it will be possible tie the grown pepper. How to plant peppers correctly? Depressions in the soil should be made about five centimeters so that the lower leaves on the young plant are not submerged in the ground. If there are cold days ahead, then it is better cover the seedlings with foil... It is especially useful to do this at night, since it is still quite cool at night in May. During the first ten days the root system will get used to the ground... It is advisable to loosen the soil a little so that the roots have enough oxygen. But it is not necessary to water heavily after planting, so that the soil does not become too wet. The pepper will grow vigorously throughout the summer. With good care, it will pamper its owners with a wonderful harvest.

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