The Eucomic is a bulbous that belongs to a genus that counts about 10-15 species of perennial bulbous plants of summer development, originating in southern Africa. The bulbs are large, from 7 to 10-12 cm in diameter; they develop a thick rosette of large sword-like leaves, fleshy and erect, slightly stiff, shiny, light green. During the summer in the center of the rosette of leaves grow tall erect stems, thick and fleshy, which carry a large panicle of flowers, surmounted by a tuft of small leaves, similar to a pineapple. The flowers in autumn are followed by small berries. The botanical species are yellow or green, but there are cultivars with yellow, white or pink flowers. Bulbosa of easy cultivation, it is also useful for cut flowers.
The origin of these plants are South Africa and Africa and they are plants cultivated in Italy as ornamental because they are very appreciated for the flowers and for the autumn berries. Very often the Eucomis plants are also called pineapple lily because of the inflorescences that recall in shape and color, a pineapple.


Eucomic plants are grown in a very sunny place; this species does not like shade or half shade but these bulbous plants are not afraid of frost and therefore can be used for the wild, even if it is advisable to protect the soil with a thick layer of mulch in areas with a very cold winter climate.
Generally they can withstand temperatures up to -5 ° C without too many jolts, provided the cold period is not too long. In any case, if we live in areas with harsh winters, let us remember to plant Eucomic at a good depth, about 15-20 cm below the ground.


From the moment in which the leaves develop, in late spring, the waterings will be abundant and regular, always remembering to wait for the soil to be dry between one watering and another. Watering will be suspended when the foliage begins to turn yellow, to dry completely in autumn. During the vegetative period, provide fertilizer for flowering plants, every 12-15 days.
In summer, when temperatures are particularly high, remember to water this plant frequently to compensate for the heat and the strong evapotranspiration of the soil.


they prefer soft, deep and very well drained soils. They are planted in a compound of universal soil mixed with a good quantity of sand and a little mature manure. They can also be grown in pots, in which case it is good to remember to repot Eucomis every 2-3 years, in the fall.


it occurs by leaf cuttings, in summer, using leaf segments that are several centimeters long. In spring it is possible to sow eucomis, although not always from the mother plant are seeds of identical plants. Over the years the large bulbs produce small cloves, which can be detached and grown individually.

Eucomis: Pests and diseases

it fears particularly rottenness and mold, favored by a humid climate or excessive watering.